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Industrial Services

Atlantic Environmental Group, Inc. offers a variety of industrial environmental consulting services. Weather you are looking to divest or invest in existing or future industrial operation, Atlantic Environmental Group will gladly assist you in all of your environmentally related endeavors. 
   Industrial services include:
      - Waste Characterization and Inventory
      - Preparedness, Prevention, and Contingency (PPC) Planning
      - Permitting and Document Preparation

Oil & Gas

Atlantic Environmental Group has a high level of experience with the environmental needs of today's Oil and Gas industry.
   These services include:
      - Erosion and Sedimentation Control planning and preparation
      - Line Sighting and Environmental Auditing
      - Permitting

Power Generation

Keenly aware of our nations growing need for alternative energy supplies and the potential environmental challenges associated, Atlantic Environmental Group, Inc. is pleased to provide our customers in the power generation and development industries with an array of environmentally sound and sensible solutions.
   Our services include:
      - Due Diligence
      - Permitting
      - Site Preparation
      - Site Remediation
      - Stormwater BMP testing
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