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Atlantic Environmental Group, Inc. believes in creating lasting relationships with all of our customers. We understand the importance and value of your development project and that it is completed on time and within budget. Many land and property developers recognize AEG as a leader in providing environmental consulting services on a variety of environmental fronts.  Whether you are looking to renovate, raze or develop a green site, AEG can assist you with all of your environmental and permitting needs.


Our services include:


-         Asbestos Consulting Services

-        Project Manual Preparation

-         Construction and Demolition Oversight

-        Stormwater Evaluation

-         Erosion and Sedimentation Control Planning and Preparation

-        Wetland Related Service

-         Brownfield

-        Permitting

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The following are some of AEG's Permitting Services
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Development - Permitting
Industrial - Permitting
Pipe Line - Permitting